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Our Team

Inspired to exceed expectations and deliver results.


Iris’ focus is on expertly guiding her clients through the often emotional and challenging experience of buying or selling property. Driven by the desire to consistently achieve results and exceed expectations, Iris excels in representing her clients’ best interests while smoothly navigating any challenges that may arise during a real estate transaction. Her expert communication skills have produced incredible advantages for her clients.


Iris’ design instincts give her clients a significant advantage in the home buying and selling market. Iris has the masterful ability to leverage her distinct skills to enhance the buyer/seller experience and generate the results her client needs, and even results they don’t even know they want.


Iris founded RH Group on the guiding principles of empathy, and understanding, which gives her the unique ability to create a redefined home experience for each client that she has the honor to serve.


Lindsay is focused on creating a distinctive client experience that is born from her creative and energetic personality.


She believes that buying and selling property should be an advantageous investment and an experience that is filled with fun, delight, and humor. 

Working to deliver results in one of the world’s most highly regulated and professional industries is just the icing on the cake for Lindsay. She is driven to succeed in service to her clients and thrives in an environment that allows her to leverage her quick adaptability, consistent communication, and unwavering standards of excellence to ultimately get the results her clients dream of.  

Lindsay’s personal and business principles are earmarked by authenticity, commitment, and honesty in an effort to create lasting relationships and one-of-a-kind experiences for each of her clients.  


Kelsey takes a hands-on approach to personalized service that is the backbone of everything she does. 

With over a decade of experience in luxury service and hospitality, she brings a unique perspective to customizing the real estate experience.

Exceeding expectations is her standard. As her client, you get her dedication, energy, passion, and knowledge from beginning to end. Building long-term partnerships that extend beyond the scope of work is the hallmark of her approach to business. 

Kelsey joined the RH Group with the goal of delivering exceptional experiences and results. 

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